22th February 2018

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Navigation useful information

According to Danube River Administration find below navigation info on Danube:
- Minimum depths on the Maritime Danube
Sulina bar 25 ft. 7,62 m
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Port of Galati is the largest river-sea port, located on the left bank of the Danube river, between Km 157 and Km 144+500 (78 Mm) Port Galati has two parts:

- Industrial "Mineralier" port from Km 157 to Km 155+500
- commercial port from Km 155 la Km 144+500 (Mm 78)

First one Industrial "Mineralier" port is a river-sea port is specialized in loading and discharge of bulk cargos and also steel rolled products.
The building of "Mineralier" Port started in the beginning of the 60's and started to be used in the 70's
It has a quay along the Danube river of 1700 m with 26 shore cranes 5tf x 32m, "KANGOROO" type and 18 shorecranes 16tf x 32 m. There are also on the quay 2 conveyors for ore and limestone.
The anchorage area for the Industrial port is between Km 155 and Km 157 at the right side of Danube River for seagoing vessels and rivergoing barges.
The maximum capacity of the vessels who can operate in this port is 25.000 DWT.
The average depth at quay is about 9.00 m and the minimum depth at the quay is about 7.3 m.
The acces in the port on shore is made by car and by train.

Galati Commercial Port is the largest port from Danube River and it is composed from many zones as follows:
- The River area from Km 151 to Km 149 + 300;
- "Docuri" Basin for seagoing vessels is placed upstream Mm 80;
- "Bazinul Nou" (New Basin) for seagoing vessels, placed upstream Mm 79;
- Ore and steel products zone for seagoing vessels, placed upstream Mm 78;
- Shipyard Galati placed between Mm 80 and "Bazinul Nou" (New Basin);
- Road for transit operations - between Mm 80 and Mm 79 on the right side;
- Road where Seagoing vessels are waiting at anchor is downstream from Mm 79 to Mm 77.

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